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Corn meal has many uses, but one of our favorites is to take the traditional approach and slow cook it into a creamy side dish. Get creative and cut cooked corn meal, also known as polenta,into patties and cover with a thick tomato or pesto sauce or dare we say, fry in oil until it’s a golden crispy brown. Any way you choose, it’s delicious.

About the producer

Edison Grainery is the culmination of decades of experience and a search for a better and healthier life. Little did Jeffrey and Amy Barnes know thirty years ago that their experiences would manifest in their very own company. In 2009, Amy became very sick- diagnosed with several different cancers, as well as Celiac disease. For the next two years, Jeffrey became her primary caregiver and began to notice the incredible price increases for healthful foods - anything that had a "special" label like gluten free, organic, green, etc. From his decades of work in the grain industry, he knew how much the raw ingredients cost, and he could see that the end products were being marked up sometimes 200%, maybe more. He got to the point where he could not stand it anymore- that the people who were truly trying to take care of their health and the planet had to pay such extraordinary prices. That was the dawn of Edison Grainery. In 2011, they started out very small – renting a 9x11 foot space in a public warehouse and by the late summer of 2012, Edison Grainery was bursting at the seams in their tiny space, and they were able to relocate into a 24,000 square foot warehouse facility in Oakland- giving them room to move and grow! It’s now a true family business, where Amy, Jeffrey, and their daughter Lyndsy.

  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Organic
  • Family-Owned
  • Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free

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