tomato picking

“fieldTRUE is a way to connect consumers to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and local produce delivery service they can trust.”

Thaddeus Barsotti

Second-Generation Organic Farmer


fieldTRUE Philosophy

We stay true to our farming philosophy of connecting you to local, trusted sustainable farms and through fieldTRUE, we embrace this philosophy.

From seed to doorstep, the produce you receive is the best local selection of fruits and vegetables grown in the most economically and environmentally sustainable way. With your support, we can help grow local farms and invest back in the local community. We believe in a transparent food system where customers can make informed choices about the food they buy and eat. Each day, we are humbled to see our company bring together our customers with other local organic farms. We are part of a food revolution, sharing and building the knowledge of a local, organic food system.