Keller Crafted Meats

Spatchcocked Chicken, Pasture-Raised

Approx. 2.75lb


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Product details

Pasture Raised. Free-range. Cage-free. No Added Hormones. No Antibiotics. 

Keller Crafted Meats uses Pasturebird for their whole chicken. A spatchcocked (backbone removed) chicken is a busy cook's salvation—it will lay flat on a baking sheet or in a cast-iron pan, and cooks up to 15 minutes faster than a standard whole chicken. These chickens have 21% less fat, 50% more Vitamin A and 3 times more Omega 3 than conventional chickens. Not certified organic.

Pasturebird use the term “Always Outside” to note the fact that their chickens don’t just have ambiguous “access to pasture”, but actually live outside on pasture 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Their birds use their beaks and talons to peck and scratch for bugs, worms, grasses, seeds, and more. They use a healthy environment of pasture, sunshine, fresh air, and space to prevent sickness. Because chickens are not vegetarians by nature, they want their chickens to eat as many bugs and worms as possible.


Meat is vacuum-packed at the peak of freshness. It is is delivered frozen, separate from your produce box, in an insulated package with ice packs.

About the producer

Keller Crafted is Mark Keller’s creation, or perhaps better described as his nearly two-decade long experiment in creating a more honorable and conscientious food system. Mark focuses on processing meats and creating whole animal solutions. It was this deep dive into butchery and hand-crafted charcuterie like sausages, hot dogs, deli meats, bacon and jerky that created the foundation for the Keller Crafted product line.

This focus also allowed Keller Crafted to provide processing services for many of the region’s farmers; Mark chose to work with those who are dedicated to raising pure, nutritious and humanely raised animals. Mark’s own heritage breed hogs were moved from the Capay Valley to the Klingeman Family Farm in Washington state, a trusted hog farming family with a certified organic farm. Keller Crafted then partnered with Klingeman to develop a line of pork products that both companies market.

By owning and operating the processing, Keller can utilize the whole animal, which improves the economic viability of his farmer partners and provides value to customers, while doing the right thing at every step from farm to table.

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